8500 - Series

Manufacturer: REXNORD Group
The 8500-series 3⁄4-inch pitch belt has several strong design features, making it suitable for amongst others beverage,
packaging and food industry. The small belt pitch ensures a smooth operation. 8500-Series is available in a closed and an
open execution. Mold-to-width executions are available with Tab guides for single line applications. As a standard the
belts are supplied in high-performance acetal and in food grade polypropylene.
• Perfect product handling due to the small pitch and superior low friction HP material. The stiffness of the modules results
in an optimum belt flatness.
• The small 19.05 mm pitch reduces the chordal action and permits the use of short transfer plates.
• Rounded outside edges for better side transfers and improved product handling.
• Twist-lockTM pin retention by means of a hinged plug prevents plug loss and allows easy pin access for installation
and maintenance.
• 8500-Series belt is companioned by FTM 1060, FGM 1050 or FT 1050 chainbelts, to make a perfect match between
straight running and sideflexing conveyors.


8505 Solid Top 

Closed surface and high strength make it suitable for both glass and PET containers

8506 Perforated Top

 22% Open area for optimum water- and airflow; suitable for amongst others can making and can processing environment


Single module Dynamic Transfer System for left- or right-hand self-clearing transfers to avoid dead plates at 90° transfers; as a standard equipped with Positrack guiding

Belt accessories 

Flights, sideguards and hold-down tabs for special applications in food industry