510 - Series

The 510–series ½-inch pitch belt is meant for light duty applications.
Manufacturer: REXNORD Group

The 510–series ½-inch pitch belt is meant for light duty applications, were cleanability and hygiene have got the highest importance. The extreme small ½” pitch enables very small transfers, high speeds and low noise. It can handle meat, poultry, seafood, fruits and salads after being cut or processed otherwise. As a standard the belts are supplied in food grade materials with antibacterial protection, especially for direct food contact and high risk areas.


• When turning over a small roller and/or nose bar (suitable for up to 20mm) the hinges open, exposing a large pin surface, offering excellent cleaning possibilities. The hinge design is extremely open and accessible, so a large surface of the pin and the inside of the hinge can be cleaned directly. The bottom of the module is rounded, improving drainage and reducing drying time of the belt after cleaning.

• The belt is supplied mould–to-width up to 12 inch, avoiding adjacent surfaces between the modules. The hinges are ½ inch wide, reducing the number of adjacent surfaces in-between.

• Smooth running at high speeds (up to 2 m/s) and low noise operation. Bi-directional; virtual no chordal action due to the specific hinge design and therefore smooth handling of most vulnerable.

• Double teeth rows fully closed machine sprockets, ideal for cleaning. Sprocket well positioned and retained sideways. Sprockets drive on the pin (roller chain principle).

• Small transfers, total centre to centre distance 43 mm only.

• Moulded pin with T-shaped pin retention. Minimum of pin coverage by eyes (front and bottom) and easy pin retention without loose parts. Open and accessible the pin is completely “free” from the module.

• As a standard antibacterial protection incorporated for direct food contact.



510 Flat top

Closed Surface; it offers the best support to vulnerable products and prevents loss of small Products