3120 - Series

Manufacturer: REXNORD Group

The 3120-series 3-inch pitch belt is Rexnord strongest plastic modular chain, primarily used for industrial-type applications including oil-change conveyors, 2 lane final assembly line conveyors, Skid and pallet handling conveyors, 2-lane water test conveyors and automotive parts handling. The chain has proven itself also in single lane car wash and single lane end-of-line inspection conveyors replacing conventional technology. It is moulded in high performance acetal and utilizes patented Twist-Lock® plugs as well as ½“ diameter polyester or stainless steel pins. The chain is available with several accessories like T1-inch and T2-inch automotive pushers and sideguards, all meeting the DIN24446 standard.The pushers are designed to be driven over and ensure a controlled handling of any size vehicles on top of the chain. This bricked chain is available from 4-inch wide with increments of 2-inch. Sprockets are available in solid or split execution and in several materials in robust design to handle increased loads.


• Ultra high load capacity of 115,000 N/m (strongest plastic MatTop chain available). No need for (stainless) steel pins
   to reach maximum working load reducing overall chain weight and power consumption.
• Equally divided hinges combination with large ½” pin diameter provide very high stiffness.
• Long life design due to large pin diameter, optimum hinge eye width and proven wear resistant design of the chain
  underside (large contact surface).
• Easy installation and maintenance in combination with Twist-Lock pin retention at both sides, which are easy to      operate with just a screwdriver and prevent the loss of plugs; self-closing under influence of chain weight.
• Superior drive technology also under high load and heavy duty circumstances, due to specific belt pocket and      sprocket design.
• High strength pushers available intended for automotive and industrial usage.
• Available in SolidTop (3125) and SafetyTop (3129) surface execution to meet any application conditions requirement.
• Standard available in BSM and in BYSM with yellow sides for clear moving belt edge safety indication; upon request   also available with other color sides.
• High strength DIN style Automotive T1-inch and T2-inch pushers and H40-mm Sideguards available intended for automotive and industrial usage (sideguards are available exclusively through selected industry channels). Pushers and
sideguards both meet the requirements of the DIN24446 standard.


3125 Solid Top

Close Surface, suitable for any kind of industrial and automotive application


3129 SafetyTop

Closed non-skid surface; prevents slipping in wet, greasy or humid environments.


Belt accessories

T2-inch pushers available. Robust pushers designed to be driven over by vehicles