2500 - Series

Manufacturer: REXNORD Group

The 2500-series 21⁄2-inch pitch belt is intended for heavy-duty pasteurizing. The high working load permits application
in heavily loaded glass pasteurisers. The total system, the module design, the transfer fingers, the sprockets and the pin
retention system have been designed to cope with the harsh environment of glass pasteurizers. As a standard the belts
are made of yellow reinforced polypropylene; the transfer plates are made of the same material in green-blue.


• The surface of the belt is designed to handle broken glass without interference with the long term performance of the
   belt. The special design optimizes water flow and prevents glass particles from getting stuck. Besides the solid ribs are
   designed to withstand the high forces that might be generated by broken glass.
• The curved bottom of the slots between the ribs ensures an optimum contact with the finger transfer system,
  unaffected by the chordal action of the belt. This allows the fingers to push glass particles from the slot bottom to leave
  the system. If damaged, the fingers can be replaced individually.
• The fingers are grouped in a transfer block which allows them to slide and follow the expansion and contraction of
  the belt.
•The Easy Lock pin retention allows easy installation and maintenance of the belt.


2500 Solid Rib

The 20% open area combines optimum drainage with perfect support for the bottles.

The ribbed design prevents broken glass to jam in the surface of the belt as with conventional

Raised Rib designs


Guiding lugs beneath the belt for accurate tracking of the belt in pasteurizer tunnels over the full

length, allowing optimum use of the belt surface


Transfer system for easy loading of products from and onto the belt