2010 - Series

Manufacturer: REXNORD Group
The 2010-series 2-inch pitch belts can be used in a large variety of food applications. These belts are used on deboning
and trimming lines as well as medium- and heavy-duty elevators. Due to the various executions and the large range
of accessories, a tailor-made solution for each food handling application is possible. All 2010-series belt materials are
standard equipped with antibacterial protection for direct food contact.
• The modules are flush all around and do not have closed or hidden pockets. Especially the large open area between
the rows of hinge eyes underneath the belt offer very good accessibility for cleaning. The rod retention area is very
easy to clean and because of the absence of rims or hidden areas there is no risk of dirt and debris accumulating.
• This belt is very easy to assemble or disassemble, due to the integrated locking system. With a screwdriver the rod
retention finger can be positioned in either the ‘locked’ or the ‘unlocked’ position.
• The extended hinge eyes underneath the belt provide a large footprint, reducing contact pressure and wear.
The connection of the hinge eyes with the top plate is very rigid, giving the belt excellent impact resistance.
The large rod diameter also means less pressure and wear reduction in the hinges.
• The design of the sprocket and the belt has been optimised to ensure an excellent drive, up to the maximum working
load of the belt during its whole life. The machined sprockets have excellent strength and cleanability.
• As a standard equipped with antibacterial protection.


2015 Solid Top

Closed surface; allows cutting and deboning on the belt surface; it offers the best support to

vulnerable products and prevents loss of small products


2016 Perforated Top

20% open area; this allows optimum drainage and airflow in combination with good product

support due to the rectangular slots

2011 Textured Top

Small nubs prevent sticking of soft and frozen products and sliding on the belt surface


Belt accessories

Straight, curved and bucket flights for elevators and other food applications. These can be combined with conventional side guards and integrated side rails.