2000 - Series

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Manufacturer: REXNORD Group
The 2000-series 2-inch pitch belt is typically used in heavy-duty applications, such as pasteurizers, palletizers and
accumulation tables. The modules are designed with rigid cross ribs and the multi-angular sprockets support the
modules optimally. As a standard the belts are supplied in high-temperature and chemical resistant polypropylene.
• Pin retention by means of clips for easy installation and maintenance.
• Cross rib design creating a high stiffness of the modules to handle huge product loads and taking care of a flat surface
for optimum product handling.
• Superb product handling from and onto the belt by using DTS-C transfer system in combination with Raised Rib 2000.


2000 Flat Top (FT)

Closed surface; for large and heavy products

2000 Flush Grid (FG)


 31% Open area; this guarantees optimum water- and airflow and allows pollution to fall

through; suitable for amongst others food and automotive applications


2000 Raised Rib (RR)

30% Open area; ideal for pasteurizer applications, warmers and coolers. This standard

RR execution is meant for can or flat-based PET handling



2000 Raised Rib Heavy Duty (RRHD)

27% Open area; reinforced to deal with the difficult conditions in (one way) glass pasteurizers and dual purpose applications (cans and bottles)


2000 Super Rib (SR)

27% Open area; Full reinforced Super Rib design. Designed to deal with the difficult conditions in Glass pasteurizers and dual purpose applications (cans and bottles). SR 2000 chains are also

suitable for PET handling



Lugs in Raised Rib executions for reliable and accurate tracking of the belt in pasteurizer

tunnels, allowing optimal use of the belt surface




DTS System for self-clearing transfers, standard click-comb for cans and click-comb for glass applications, resulting in precise transfers