1500 - Series

Manufacturer: REXNORD Group
The 1500-series 15 mm pitch belt helps to eliminate container tipping and jam-ups at conveyor transfer points. These
belts are designed to enable smooth inline nose-over and 90° transfers. 1500-series is available in open, closed and
rubber top executions, of which last two in both imperial and metric widths. As a standard the belts are supplied in
high-performance acetal and high-temperature resistant polypropylene for beverage applications and in materials with
antibacterial protection, especially for direct food contact and high-risk food processing environments.
• The 15 mm pitch in combination with the curved underside of the belt reduces chordal action and permits the use of very
short transfer plates or no transfer plates at all.
• The small pitch ensures perfect product handling, even for the most vulnerable products.
• Practical plug pin retention system allows easy installation and maintenance; metric executions have orange plugs, imperial
versions have a yellow pin retention.
• Belt and sprocket design ensure optimum engagement and a reliable, bi-directional drive.
1505 Flat Top 1506 Flush Grid  Closed surface; suitable for (instable) glass and PET containers and otherwise vulnerable products26% Open area for optimum water- and airflow; suitable for amongst others can handling
1505 SuperGrip  Rubber Top for inclined and declined conveyors with packs and for metering applications;
DTS  Positrack and 44 mm side-indent possible. Standard angles up to 20°
Positrack Single module Dynamic Transfer System for left- or right-hand self-clearing 90° transfers to avoid
dead plates; as a standard equipped with Positrack guiding Lugs for accurate guiding of the belt in the conveyor (metric execution and DTS only)
Belt accessories  Flights and sideguards for special applications in food industry (imperial executions only)