1010 - Series

Manufacturer: REXNORD Group
The 1010-series 1-inch pitch belt is designed to meet the increasing demand from food processing industry for improved
hygiene and better cleanable products. It is meant for light to medium duty applications, where cleanability and hygiene
have got the highest importance. It can handle meat, poultry, seafood, fruits and salads after being cut or processed
otherwise. As a standard the belts are supplied in food-grade materials with antibacterial protection, especially for
direct food contact and high-risk areas.
• When turning over a small roller the hinges open, exposing a large pin surface, offering excellent cleaning possibilities. The hinge design is extremely open and accessible, so a large surface of the pin and the inside of the hinge can be cleaned directly. The bottom of the module is curved, improving drainage and reducing drying time of the belt after cleaning.
• Using a moulded pin with T-shaped head keeps the pin in a specially designed eccentric outer hinge eye. This makes the belt easy to operate for maintenance and cleaning.
• The belt is supplied mould-to-width up to 24 inch, avoiding adjacent surfaces between the modules. The hinges are 1⁄2 inch wide, reducing the number of adjacent surfaces in-between.
• Fully closed machined sprockets, ideal for cleaning. Due to the double teeth rows the sprockets are bi-directional
and easy to position.
• As a standard antibacterial protection incorporated for direct food contact.


1015 Solid Top

Closed surface; it offers the best support to vulnerable products and prevents loss of small


Belt accessories

Flights to handle bulk food stuff on inclined and declined conveyors. They are ribbed on both

sides, improving the release properties against sticky or frozen products. The flights can be

positioned until the side of the belt or with a 1-inch side-indent on any pitch required.

Other side-indents on request.