1000 - Series

Manufacturer: REXNORD Group
The 1000-series 1-inch pitch belt combines strong design features with an all-round pitch, making it a versatile belt; it
is suitable for amongst others beverage, packaging and food industry. Mold-to-width executions are available with
Positrack guiding for single line applications and packaging machines. 1000-Series can be equipped with flights for food
industry applications. As a standard the belts are supplied in low friction acetal and polypropylene for beverage and in
materials with antibacterial protection, especially for direct food contact and high-risk processing areas.
• Versatile 1-inch pitch and the rigid cross-rib design result in optimum flatness and therefore superior product handling.
• The clip pin retention system in combination with the 2 module system makes the belt very easy to install and maintain.
• Rounded outside edges for better side transfers and improved product handling.
• 1000-Series belt is companioned by FTM 1060 and FGM 1050 or FT 1050 chainbelts, to make a perfect match between
straight running and sideflexing conveyors.


1000 Flat Top (FT)

Closed surface; suitable for both glass and PET containers due to high strength. The absence of
gaps prevents small (glass) particles to jam in the surface of the belt; the fully closed surface gives
maximum support to the products conveyed

1000 Flush Grid (FG)

40% Open area; this guarantees optimum water- and airflow and allows pollution to fall through and maintain a clean contact surface between products and the belt. Suitable for amongst others can making and can processing

1000 Raised Rib (RR)

40% Open area; in combination with the special Click-Comb fingerplates the Raised Rib surface
creates smooth transfers on accumulation tables, (de)palletizers and discharge tables

1000 Raised Rib narrow (RR)

13% Open area; suitable for packaging machines

1000 Raised Rib Railtrack (RRR)

1000 RR narrow belts with Railtrack, for optimum guiding and economic conveyor set-up

1000 SuperGrip (SG)

High friction rubber surface to handle packages on inclined and declined conveyors. Standard angles up to 20°

1000 LBP

Low Backline Pressure execution with low noise rollers, securing optimum handling of vulnerable packed products, such as shrink-wrapped trays with and without cardboard bottom


Dynamic Transfer System for complete elimination of dead plates at 90° transfers, creating self-clearing transfers


Lugs for accurate and reliable guiding of mass handling and single track belts, resulting in optimum product handling

Belt accessories

Flights to handle bulk food stuff on inclined and declined conveyors; fingerplates RR 1000 and RR 1000 narrow for precise transfers