Wire Mesh Belt

Manufacturer: Twentebelt B.V.

Wiremesh belt


1-Pitch (3.8 to 28 mm)

2-Wire diameter (0.9 to 2.8 mm)

3-M esh length (25 to 150 mm)


Wire mesh belts have extra large openings and are very well suited

to coating processes such as chocolate covering, egg glazing,

breading and other applications in which the product should have

as little contact with the conveyor belt as possible. This means it

is especially suitable for light products. The small radius on the

reverse means a good product transfer.

Wire mesh belts are flexible in terms of use and specifications.

Twentebelt also supplies 90° conveyor curves in various sizes as

well as separate belts.


Diverse combinations of pitch, wire diameter, mesh length and

side finishing create a wide range of fit-for-purpose wire mesh belts.