Other Metal Belt

Manufacturer: Twentebelt B.V.

Other Metal Belts

Plate belts


Plate belts are well suited to drying processes. The self-supporting

structure of these belts means they can be used over large widths

without support. Perforations allow the opening in the belt to vary

from 0 to very large. Chain-driven plate belts can be fitted with

edge plates.


Filter plates


The specific structure of metal conveyor belts makes these

suitable for use as filter plates, with an opening that is precisely

aligned with the product to be filtered. Depending on the filtration

process, balanced weave or eyelink belts can be used, or even

combinations of both belts.


Conveyor curves


Sometimes the process has to turn a corner. Twentebelt’s wire

mesh belt conveyor curves offer a space-saving solution that is

produced by Twentebelt and can be implemented immediately

as a complete system that is hygienic and saves space, with an

open or closed table top. The drive with a directly drive axle and

integrated frequency control can be installed inside or outside

the radius. Conveyor curves are available in different sizes, all

adjustable for height.