Balanced Weave Belt

Manufacturer: Twentebelt B.V.

Balanced weave belt


1-Balanced weave belt woven on one side (type SP)

2-Corrugated wirelink belt, alternately woven left and right

   for a straight run (type GS)

3-Straight wirelink (type RS)

4-‘Rod reinforced’ structure specifically for applications at

    temperatures up to 1200 °C (type RR)

5-‘Compound belt’ with additional pins and spirals

    for a very densely woven belt (type CB)



The balanced weave belt is the ‘mother of all metal belts’ and

has a virtually infinite number of versions and applications,

from super-strong (for heavy loads over large widths or very hot

products) to very dense weaves for small products, unsorted

goods or products requiring stable support. The belts have a

perfectly round end, even with a small radius, for a good product

transfer to the following stage of the process. From transport in

glass furnaces and kilns to decorative dividers in architecture,

balanced weave belts provide a solution for the most complex



Balanced weave belts can be divided into three main groups:

4Without pins

4With corrugated pins

4With straight pins